Thank you Microsoft

Microsoft yesterday released a whole bunch of updates to various things. For the first time ever, these updates have caused me no end of headaches.

I’m currently working on a database which uses ODBC storage, SQL Backend and Access front end. Aside from retrospectively finding out access is a bit of a pain and missing the wonderful functionality of excel nested formulas, it’s coming together nicely.

Up until now, my own mistakes in Macros and the delicate web of tables has been my biggest problem. But today I struggled for hours with a problem that didn’t exist last night only to find out that it was a data type issue in an odbc table. The default date changed from the British to the American, as a result my data wouldn’t save and my macros went through error handling. Thanks Microsoft, thanks.

In actual fact, I had no idea it was even Microsoft’s fault until I was moaning about the sheer futility of it to a friend who suggested it could be the updates. Yet another reason why having a good team around you and good communication is invaluable in problem solving.


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