Monthly Archives: March 2015

Who needs sleep anyway?

Having spent a while getting to grips with VBA and generally speaking being able to run up some nifty bits of code, I’ve been wondering what next? I’m always keen to learn new things, be it bsl, ciaxa samba patterns, knitting topologically cool scarf’s or how to run. There are so much online these days, in the super connected land I call home, it is only time and my personal capacity limiting me. Super modelling geeks at work use comsol and mathlab both of which yield gems, but you need expensive packages to run. In the data scientist world, it looks like R and python might be the most useful tools. Edx, Khan Academy and Coursea all offer structured programs from excellent universities across the globe. Last year I tried introduction to computer science through Edx. The first lecture was a breeze, the second harder, giving me opportunity to run up a game in scratch (so much fun!!!). The third lecture was unintelligible, even the walk troughs were baffling. This year sees me undertaking data scientists toolbox through Coursera. They’ve got a data scientists specialisation program and the courses are all split into really manageable chunks that run repeatedly all year.
So, here goes – pass me the coffee and let’s get started!!!