Game ON!

So, as part of data scientists toolbox, I got introduced to Scratch, an online programming tool, that’s targeted for kids, but fun for all. As any adult who’s been to a museum and seen the boring dry placs placed by phenomenonally important artefacts and compared them to the fun worksheets and interactive displays made for kids will know, stuff created for kids is FUN! For those of us who already find coding fun, scrach just makes it more enjoyable. So go ahead and have a go – make a game and check out the hall of fame of games, such as a copy of dance dance revolution!!

My contribution combines programming with another hobby of mine Korfball. It’s a Dutch sport hardly anyone’s every heard of, that is a cross between netball and basketball and is said to be the only sport free of gender inequality as both girls and boys get to shoot, defend, assist and most importantly, run around having fun!

Check out my game here!

shoot the korf


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