Monthly Archives: June 2016

Text to columns

As part of my new gig, I’m delivering excel classes to the wider business department. It’s amazing the differing levels of exposure some staff have to excel and data as a whole. Things as simple as Ctrl+C have passed some staff by, whilst other staff members are teaching me things. One of the simplest, yet palm-to-face inducing thing is “text to columns”. I wrote a macro to split out some columns data! (it’s the .split function kids)


The moral of the story – CLICK EVERY BUTTON, even the big red one.

It’s quite intuitive:

  • Select your column and how you’d like to split the text – by fixed width that you specify or by delimiter.
  • You can select multiple delimiters too.
  • Then select a cell you want the data to end up in (careful not to overwrite your existing data!)